Famille Valery
Domaine des 2 Ruisseaux

Domaine des deux ruisseaux

The Domaine des Deux Ruisseaux, a 150 ha very diversified vineyards (15 different grape varieties) located between Béziers and the seaside produces very aromatic wines.

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Domaine des 2 Ruisseaux

Château le Thou

The background of Château le THOU, a 17 ha estate located in SAUVIAN, a village close to Béziers (10km).

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Domaine des 2 Ruisseaux


EDEN is a brand of half dry still wines in 3 colours with a sparkling rosé wine. Its packaging is contemporary and in different sizes.

The VALERY Family,

Winemakers from father to sons, has been working for three generations
to produce Fine Languedoc Wines.

In 1956 Gilbert VALERY buys his first 30 ha estate.
In 1974, his two children, Patricia and Michel VALERY, take over the domain
in order to carry-on his work.
In 1989, they continue the "adventure" by putting gentle
vine-management of the vineyards in place.

Nowadays the VALERY Family's vineyard is vined under noble aromatic grape varieties:
Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Viognier, Muscat, Merlot,
Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Carignan, Petit Verdot,
Roussanne, Marsanne, Petit Manseng, Grenache Blanc.

Benefiting from a partnership with the world famous SKALLI company,
the VALERY Family constantly improves its production
equipement with important high tech tools allowing a high quality of vinification.

The building of an oak barrel's cellar for ageing the wines and for
the storage of the bottles in 2008, has enabled to lead to optimal
conditions for maturing the wines.

The VALERY Family, rallied round by a very skilled team and craving
for innovations as well as a constant search of excellence, has enabled the domain
to go towards a qualitative and reasoned evolution of the vineyard.
The quality of the wines which is the logical result of their 20 year efforts,
has led them in 2001 to bottle their best "crus".

Fermer The VALERY Family proposes you tailor made wines, with marketing services such as the creation of front and back labels, caps, special closures, … and so on

Some examples :

Le 48 - Saint Paul Domaine de la Gouronne Pera Palas Buffalo Grill

We offer our customers, from a certain volume ordered, the opporunity of chosing the packing of their wines into different containers (as well as formats) just as the labelling personalization of their bottles (we can also, on request, realize the grafic creation of it). We get estimates for all private packaging and wine presentation projects. We strive to satisfy your demands thanks to our partners' wide range of skills.



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